DV Confirmatioin
DV Lottery

People Who Made Donation.

We are very much pleased to announce the donors' names who had donated for this cause which can help the other people who had lost their confirmation number too. Here by we thank them all.

Thank you all for trusting us and giving the opportunity to organize this campaign for the lost DV Lottery confirmation.

Peter Kovacs
Santosh Rijal
Miriamcarole Mbanga
Miriamcarole Mbanga (Twice)
Parisa Mardiha
Eglantina Cenolli
Jenifar Zaman
Gordian Oketcho
prabha karki
Akafi LLC
elkhadir adil
Louis Lienou
Florin Denghel
Prisca Meyong A Kibong
Dmitrij Panaschik
soufiane el bakkouchi
Susanna Zakmann
Tibor-Florian Szollossi

The DV-2015 visa lottery program is in the closing state. So don't request for confirmation numbers under this program.

Be ready to apply for the next coming American Gren card Lottery program in the coming months.

To Donate Use the PayPal button.

Or send your donation directly to shanmediapay@yahoo.com from your PayPal account.