DV Confirmatioin
DV Lottery

Save Your DV-2018 Confirmation Number.

No more lost confirmation code problem.

Computer crash, house burnt, floods insid ethe home won't affect your confirmation number.

It is in a safe place. Be cool.

Whenever you need your confirmation number you can get it from us. Please use the original email to request for it as we want to make sure you are the person requesting the code.

This page will allow you to safe guard your DV-2018 visa lottery confirmation code with us.

With one email to us, you can get back your confirmation code from us.

All you have to do is after applying the DV-2018 visa Lottery program fill the below available form where you will be asked to provide your details. This is safe as we don't have your photo or your family member's photos.

To submit your details use this form

Name: (If don't have one write "NO")
  • Don't provide other personal information other than the birth year and last name.

    The provided information will be available for a period of one year.

    The FORM will be available after the month of September 2016.

    If You Need Professional Assistance To Apply For The DV-2018 American Diversity Visa Lottery Program Visit Here