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Lost DV Confirmation Number.

8:46 AM 02/27/2018

Lost DV Confirmation Number can be recovered by us. Confirmation number is a must to check your selection results.

Current DV-2019 and DV-2018 confirmation numbers will allow you to check the online selection results in the official website.

Without this confirmation number you will not be allowed to proceed to check results under any program. Actually the confirmation number is designed to work as password. It is used only to check the selection results. Under the DV 2018 program, it should start with 2018. DV-2019 confirmation number will start with 2019.

WE NEED MONEY TO RECOVER THE CONFIRMATION NUMBER as we HAVE TO PAY FOR the internet, electricity and PC operations.

When those entries are submitted during the Application form submitting period, confirmation numbers will be displayed in the computer screen. All participants must write down this number to check their results with their names.

Will KCC Notify Me By Postal Mail?

No winners' notification will be sent by the U.S State Department through postal mail or Email anymore to the selected winners under any of these visa lottery programs.

Do you want to recover your confirmation number of the DV-2019 or for the DV-2018 draw?

If don't have online payment facility Contact us through our email to get information on how to pay us.

Partial Confirmation Number of DV2018 is not good to check your results. We can recover it for you.
(Confirmation number can be retrieved within 24 hours.)
DV Confirmation Number Recover Service.

Confirmation code is displayed ONLY ONCE, when your entry had been accepted successfully.
We can recover your lost confirmation number for the DV-2019 and DV-2018 visa lottery Program.
DV-2017 and older programs' confirmation numbers can't be recovered by us, as they had been closed.
And they will not help you too.

Does your Confirmation number don't have the last digit?

Don't worry, we will provide you with your complete confirmation code.

Contact: bbsnetting@gmail.com

This is our suggestion.

We are not appointed by the Government. It is up to you to decide on this matter to contact us or not.

Missing your confirmation number due to PC or Laptop crash, negligence, or theft?

Contact us to retrieve it from the U.S System.

DV-2018 Results are now open in the official web site.

You have the DV-2018 confirmation number?

Check your selection results now in the official results checking website.
Its results are now available in the official web site from the month of May 2017.

The dv-2018 diversity program will be closed on 30th September 2018.


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