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Lost DV Lottery Confirmation Number.

1:37 PM 1/12/2021

Lost dv lottery confirmation number is a big problem for many participants as they can't check their selection results for the current draw. Some people may have lost it in the hands of their agents and they want extra cash to return it. And the bad thing is, you pay to the agent and get the confirmation number and when you check the results, you are not selected.
The best thing is to apply for the DV draw by yourself. If not possible stay next to your friend and ask him to apply for you and get the confirmation number from him immediately. The email that was entered in the entry form is the important thing, so keep a look of that email when applying for the draw.

The results are going to come in few days. It is vcery important to have your confirmatio9n number to check your American DV Lotttery online results on the opening day or on another day. If you don't have it then no one will inform you when you are selected for the draw. The rule says you are the one to check and you are the one to proceed with your selection.

Do you want to recover the Confirmation number for the Diversity Visa Program?

Make donation of US$ 10 to shanmediapay@yahoo.com through PayPal
This will cover our data and electricity bills.
And send us your details through email to bbsnetting@gmail.com or bbsnetting@yahoo.com

If your Agent is not giving the confirmation number we can help you.

If you had lost your current DV Lottery confirmation number or have problem with your confirmation code, then check the following things one by one.

  1. See whether you are checking for the current program DV-2022 or DV 2021 The DV-2020 was previously held program and it had been closed.
  2. Check whether you have the complete 16 digits in your Confirmation Number.
  3. If you had lost your "LAST DIGIT" of your confirmation number you can contact us.
  4. You must donate US$ 10 to recover it.
  5. If had made multiple entries we can't recover your confirmation code.
  6. Confirmation number can't be recovered without the email that was entered in the application form last year.
  7. Give us 48 hours to recover your diversity visa lottery confirmation number.
  8. If you got any papers related to your confirmation number, scan it or take a photo of it and send it to us.
  9. Please if you don't know your correct details or if agent applied for you don't contact us as we can't recover it.

If your agent is asking for money after finding that you are a winner?

Contact us with the full details to overcome this problem regardless of which country you are now living.

American Visa Lottery program.

Name: (If don't have one write "NO")

(Email address used on the Diversity Visa Lottery Form.)
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